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ADAUGEO INFO (for adaugeo)
Full Name: Chun-Li
Age: 27
Series: Street Fighter
Sector: Ver
Charms: None
Profession: Security
Zero Hour Price: Memories of her teacher, Gen

PARADISIM INFO (for paradisim_rpg)

Character Name; Chun-Li
Series/Fandom; Street Fighter

Age; 27
Gender; Female
Species; Human
Sexuality; Heterosexual

Appearance; Never before have strength and beauty combined with such harmony as they do for the famed Chinese martial artist, Chun-Li. She stands tall at five feet and seven inches, her muscles finely sculpted from hours of rigorous training. Her legs, in particular, tend to draw a lot of attention. Very few females, and not very many men for that matter, can claim to possess such powerful calves and thighs. Some might find it unsettling at first, to see the prominent curves and shape of her quads. But the woman moves with such deliberate grace that it can be described as nothing less than beautiful, a sheer work of art.
The rest of her body is nothing to laugh at either. The lean sinew of her arms warns of her ability to throw a powerful punch. But follow from the shoulder down and one will see that her hands are beautiful and delicate, with long tapered fingers and neatly manicured nails. Despite the power that Chun-Li possesses, her feminine beauty can't be ignored.
She holds her chin high, confidence and maturity reflected in her soft, brown eyes, fringed with short dark lashes that follow the oriental slant. But there's also a quiet and gentle light there as well, a maternal sort of aura to her countenance. The shape of her face is more round than oval, and her cheeks are aglow with health.
Her dark hair is bundled up into two oxhorn-style buns, held secure with a pair of scarlet ribbons that trail down the line of her slender back. Her bangs are a little disarrayed, falling over the right side of her brow to brush over the gentle slope of her thin eyebrows.
Her attire is casual, but elegant, comprised of a sleeveless white Chinese-style blouse with crimson threading, patterned with a series of cloud-like swirls. These same swirls ornament the hem of her blue jeans, flared at the leg, and secured about the waist with a crimson belt. A pair of black-soled athletic shoes are fastened with criss-crossing strips of velcro. Tightly clasped around each wrist are a pair of spiked cuff bracelets, and a pair of pearl stud earrings ornament each ear.

Personality; Chun-Li is a cheerful soul. She enjoys good food and good company, and she loves to laugh whenever she gets the chance. She also prefers that others be in good spirits, and doesn't mind sharing a kind word or a light bout of teasing to get people back on their feet. It isn't unusual to find her smiling, sometimes seemingly for no other reason than the fact that it's a nice day. Just being around her tends to put people in a good mood. She's polite, sincere with her compliments, and friendly.
It isn't to say that she's Perma-Prozac. Her father's death affected her greatly, and it causes her sorrow and regret still. But those feelings aren't something she dwells on. Sure, she'll always miss him, but that's no excuse to stop living her life. Chun-Li is not easily broken, and she can endure a great deal of emotional stress without losing control. Besides, the most important thing she needs to accomplish is to stop Bison and bring down Shadaloo. She can't do that if she's always grieving, and she's pretty sure her father would disapprove if she chose to mope. So, she doesn't. When things get tough, Chun-Li puts her shoulder to the wheel and works that much harder to bring this chapter to a satisfactory end.
Chun-Li is not a needy sort of person. She likes being able to do things for herself. Not to say that she would turn down help if she honestly needed it, for she works well with others. But she always wants to make sure she's done everything she can to help herself first before turning to someone else for aid. She's always been very independent. She'll never refuse to listen to advice, and if it seems sound, she'll even take it. But she won't be bossed around, and is quite immune to guilt trips and gossip. Name-calling doesn't bother her. She laughs when people call her 'thunder thighs' and promptly strikes a battle pose to show the thunder thighs off. The opinion of others about her never really gave her any anguish. People are free to think what they will (even if they're wrong), and as long as they don't try to change who she is and what she does, it doesn't bother her.
If there's one thing she doesn't lack, it's confidence. Not arrogance...she doesn't think of others as being better or worse than herself. But she likes who she is, and is seldom troubled by self-doubt. Should Chun-Li fail in the goals that she's set, she'll take a step back, re-evaluate the situation, and attack it from another angle. She believes she can accomplish anything if she sets her mind to it. She rarely gives up, but when she does, it's with a clean conscience, knowing that she gave it her best shot.
Chun-Li likes things to be exciting, and challenging. She works out regularly, loves sports, and shows no hesitation in answering an invitation to a good fight. Sometimes her enthusiasm can lead to a bit of rowdiness. Shopping is normally an in-and-out experience for her. Find what she likes, buy it, go home. Her apartment is frills or lace for her there. Some might assume that she's a tomboy, but that isn't really the case. She's not entirely without femininity, as her battle dress might imply. She has a fondness for bracelets and flowers, and isn't too shabby when it comes to sewing and cooking. She doesn't do it very often, though, since she's usually pretty busy. Just the same, she's quite proud to be a woman, and makes no pretense about it.
Chun-Li has a very strong sense of right and wrong. She's all for people being able to make their own decisions, for good or ill. But she believes that people should also be prepared to accept responsibility for their actions, and take the consequences. If someone chooses to break the law, even as a means to an end, then they'll do the time or pay the fine. She has nearly zero tolerance for those who commit crimes, because she sees them as selfish individuals who put their own needs before others. There's always a better solution, if someone is just willing to work for it!
A strength and a flaw, depending on one's perspective, is her strict moral code. Chun-Li never takes the cheap shots. She won't needlessly strike an opponent if they're already down, and she follows the law to the very letter (as long as it isn't corrupt). Seeing others who act without honor angers her, and only increases her desire to see justice fulfilled.
She enjoys the fighting circuit, and thinks it's a great way to meet new people. She never fails to show her respect to her opponent, even if she might not like them very much. She'll always take time to bow to them at the beginning. Sometimes she frets that she was a little too rough if she wins by a landslide, and rather than gloat, she seems almost apologetic. Even so, Chun-Li /loves/ to win. Who doesn't?
There's no room in her life for impulsive indulgements. If she's upset about something, she works it out at the gym. It's rare for her to lose her temper, or to splurge on comfort foods and step outside her fitness plan. She does, however, reward herself with pre-determined treats should she reach her goals. It keeps her motivated and healthy! Otherwise, heaven knows those thunder thighs would make babies cry, given her love for European sweets.

Abilities/Strengths;Chun-Li utilizes a stylized version of tai chi, taught to her by her father and Gen. After she was old enough to understand the basics, she began adding moves of her own based upon her chi development and her battle strengths. She's extremely versatile in her range of attacks, doing well with both punches AND kicks (though the latter have earned her more fame). She's fast, strong, and agile. Many of her best moves are highly acrobatic, and those powerful legs of hers allow her to jump pretty high. Her three most famous moves are the kikouken (similar to Ken and Ryu's Hadouken, except PRETTIER), the lightning kick (a series of fast, powerful kicks aimed at an opponent's vitals), and the spinning bird kick (Chun-Li flips onto her hands, scissors her legs, and orbits her hips to land a whirlwind of fast kicks).
In addition to being a top international fighter of her world, Chun-Li is also a skilled detective. She has a valuable knowledge of forensics and investigation skills, willing to gather up the clues and figure things out rather than charging blindly around beating up anyone who gets in her way. She knows several foreign languages and is versatile with most modern-day computers. Additionally, Chun-Li ranked 6th in the International Sharpshooting competition. Not too shabby!
One of her best traits is her perception. She often notices the little details that others might miss. She's a detective for a reason, after all! She's got a good head on her shoulders, and no one's ever accused her of not having any common sense. Not only does she possess a sturdy set of street smarts, she's also highly intelligent as well and quick to learn. Her grades were always good, and she's very self-disciplined.

Weaknesses; Often she feels compelled to prove herself and her strength, as a woman. She doesn't like being underestimated, even if it might prove to be a tactical advantage in her favor. She hates the idea of being considered weak, and those who would insult her because of her gender, or otherwise insinuate that she's not strong enough, will soon find a boot in their face. She can't resist a challenge, and if someone's looking to pick a fight, she'll rise immediately to the occasion.
Chun-Li is especially fond of children. She can't stand the thought of any child being harmed, and will always negotiate for their safety. She's very concerned for the welfare of the innocent, and would do anything to protect them. Using this against her is dangerous, however. Once the one being threatened is safe, Chun-Li's normally cool temper will dissolve and she won't hold back until the offender has learned his lesson, ten times over. Or apologized. That's acceptable too.
Her protective nature is closely linked to her desire for vengeance. Knowing the pain one feels when losing a loved one, Chun-Li doesn't want anyone else to suffer in that way. If someone is in danger, she'll work relentlessly to get them to safety. Threatening to harm someone when Chun-Li is around is a big mistake...but it's nothing compared to what will happen if the threat becomes reality. If someone is so vile as to murder a person under her protection, or worse, someone that she cares for, then Chun-Li will not rest until she's brought the murderer to justice. It can make her reckless and headstrong, dangerously impulsive in that short, heated moment. She cools down fast, but if ever there were a time to capitalize on Chun-Li's weaknesses, that would be it.

Notable Possessions; A handgun and several rounds of bullets, a number of fighting outfits (they come in so many colors), a wallet with a picture of her father, and her bracelet collection.

History; Chun-Li is the daughter of a talented detective. She lost her mother at a very young age, her only memories being somewhat fuzzy at best. With only her father to guide her, it's no surprise that she was a 'daddy's girl', and quite proud to be so. At five years old, she started learning the martial arts under the direction of her father and a friend of his named Gen. She was a remarkable student, dedicated and disciplined, and eager to learn. Her interest was initially sparked by her childhood crush on Bruce Lee, but she really began to apply herself after tagging along with her father to watch him practice.
She wanted very much to be just like him someday.
A polite child throughout all of her schooldays, she performed remarkably well in her classes. Chun-Li proved to be intelligent, and surprisingly grateful about the things she learned. She had a bit of a reputation as a nerd. It wasn't really anything to worry about until middle school, but after flipping the first physical aggressor clean on her back and lecturing her soundly, no one ever tried to bully Chun-Li again. Despite this 'terrible' reputation, she was considerably well-liked by her peers. She was outgoing, cheerful, and patient. If someone needed help, she'd be there to offer a hand. The caste system just wasn't something she ever noticed, and it did her credit.
She liked being referred to as brainy, bookworm, geek, etc. Chun-Li was always mature for her age, and took the insults as compliments. After all, she was healthy and happy, and successful when she applied herself to her goals. In high school, she was a proud member of the school newspaper, speech team, and the karate club. She was even nominated for class president, and with the 'freak' vote, she took on the responsibility gladly during her senior year.
During her first year of college, she received some rather bad news. Her father had gone missing while undercover on a top secret assignment for Interpol. They said they'd continue to search for him, but nothing was ever uncovered. Chun-Li never gave up hope. Though she wanted to drop out of college and go look for him, she knew that her best bet was to follow in her father's footsteps just as she'd intended from the very beginning, and to join Interpol herself.
In three years she applied into the international organization, and was accepted. Now that she had access to the information regarding her father, she could pick up on his trail at last. She was a little surprised to find that her access was limited, despite working her way quickly up the ranks to become one of its top agents. There were gaps, missing files, things that left more questions than answers. She was determined to uncover the truth, but Interpol was proving to be more hinderance than help.
Around this time she met a young American in the Air Force named Charlie. The two were both researching Shadaloo, and both frustrated by the continual roadblocks and restrictions placed by their superiors. They decided to work together, and set off towards Thailand as partners. At last, she would know the truth!
But it was worse than Chun-Li thought. After fighting her way to finally meet with Bison himself, the head of Shadaloo, he boasted openly that it was he who killed her father. Chun-Li attacked Bison, intent on revenge, but she was no match for the man. She was defeated and humiliated, then left alone. Chun-Li swore that she would avenge her father's death, no matter what it took. Beaten, but not broken, she rose again with renewed determination to bring her father, and herself, peace.

* * * * *

CLAIRBOURN INFO (for clairbourn)

CHUN-LI - [info]lightningkick
Year: Junior
Chun-Li lives with her father, an Interpol agent, in a modest house of their own. He's not home very often, so she often goes to the home of Gen, an old man who is a friend of her father and Chun-Li's martial arts instructor (though she's not his student anymore, she occasionally drops by to spar and help manage his garden). She transferred recently to the area, spending her 8th grade year at the local middle school. At school, she's got a reputation for being somewhat of a cheerful and confident nerd. She wears glasses and old-style fashions, gets involved with the school newspaper and chess club, and has freakishly muscular legs. She's teased about this, but to be honest, she doesn't care and she's quite proud of her strength. Li hangs out with the intellectual types, doesn't get along well with the delinquents since she's also part of the disciplinary squad. So if you're tardy and don't have a pass, you get reported. Freakin' tattle-tale. Chun-Li just started high school, but she's enrolled in a lot of honor classes and extracurricular activities.

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